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[09 Aug 2005|10:39am]

Anyone into Motion City Soundrack here? I thought some of you might be interested to know they are going to be on MTV TOMORROW night for the "10 Spot Drop". They're supposed to be interviewed and premiering the video for "Everything is Alright". I think the new video is up on the mtv site right now too, if you want to check it out before it's premired! Its really an awesome video! You can download the song for free on MTV.com too, plus they are supposed to have some free Motion City Soundrack ringtones and other stuff next week!
They are also supposed to be on Conan O'Brien on August 17. Plus they're Warped Tour right now and will be on the Nintendo Fusion Tour in the Fall!
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[04 Aug 2005|02:01pm]

Who here is into Pennywise? I'm really just getting into them, so help me out! Has anyone heard anything about their new release 'The Fuse'? I just picked up one of their older cds and would like to get another one. I've read one review on it and it was said to be an amazing record!!! What do you think?
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[23 Feb 2005|03:44pm]


It's really simple , with a valid email address. Once you are registered, you will start earning $.45 per hour by leaving a seperate window up and the more you surf... the more you earn, even while you sleep!

You can earn up to as much as $.75 by simply leaving open a browser which auto surfs for you. The best part is, you get your payments on or before the 15th of every month for the previous months earnings. They have never been late with a single account yet! Payments are sent by PayPal, StormPay, e-Gold, and by regular mail!

There's no limit to how much you can earn, and at $.45 an hour, for those of us with high speed modems, we can make $10.80 a day by leaving their browser open all day. That's over $300 a month! For anyone who is at $.75, that's $540 a month!!!

Sign up with just an email address, and you can start earning in 2 minutes!
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promo [06 Feb 2005|12:01am]

Hey everyone, my band No Regrets is a punk band ( i guess you could call us skate punk, but we bounce around genres of punk) just finished up a 2 month recording in the studio and would love to get some of our shit out there. you can find 3 of our 12 songs here:


Our main influences are: NOFX, Bad Religion, Rancid, Rise Against Anti Flag, and the Dead Kennedys.
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greatest journal RPG community [30 Jan 2005|06:10pm]

Hey guys, sorry if this is not allowed (delete it if you want) but _dora_ and I created an RPG community over at greatestjournal.

Closed Curtain.
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[16 Jan 2005|11:12pm]
i hate to break it to you guys, but the music listed isn't punk.

punk is the unseen the casulaties, lower class brats, clit45.

NOT good charlotte.

the starting line, and still life projector are EMO.
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I'd just like to point out... [14 Dec 2004|12:17am]
... that

1. None of the bands on that list are punk.
2. IF THEY ARE (which they aren't) punk, then punk is dead.
3. People who actually think those bands are punk, obviously does not know what punk is.
4. The closest band to punk there is on that list is NOFX.
5. Bikini Kill is riot grrrl music.

"This communuity is for punk fans out there sick of all the teenies who think they know it all but basically just like the band for the people in the band rather than music."

Guess what? You would not know real punk if it slapped you across the face continuously for 5 hours. So don't say shit about other idiots who "think they know it all" because you don't either.
10 Punk Fans

[08 Dec 2004|06:48pm]

Application w/ pics under hereCollapse )
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[26 Sep 2004|12:40pm]


X-posted everywhere


<lj-cut text="'Brand new' Icons">

1. 2. 3. 4 5. 6.



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[31 Aug 2004|08:10pm]


Sorry i haven't updated in ages ive been away for 3 weeks at summer school and to my dads...eeek!!!! But I'm back and active as ever!

Friends come and go but PEANUT BUTTER IS FOREVERCollapse )

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[29 Jul 2004|04:04am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello there,

I'm on a request. Does anyone round here has Good Charlotte, The Used, Blink 182 or Mest mini-movie icons that I can use? I'll surely be greatful to you and pay you with sex on the shower. lol


<3 Jo

Punk Fans

punkers!!! [22 Jul 2004|07:55pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Yo! I got lots of brand new icons for you...dig in...hope u enjoy...hope there are some brand new fans here lol...



I liked it, the farther I get outCollapse )

2 Punk Fans

new member <--- [16 Jul 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | bored ]


// Name: Rachael

// Age: 18

// Location: Michigan, USA

// 10 Fav Bands? Modest Mouse, Linkin Park, Sum41, GC, Simple Plan, POD, Nirvana, Yellowcard, Blink 182

// Bands you think should be added to this community ? Modest Mouse

// A Picture of you Behind LJ Cut (I'm kinda new to LJ and don't know how to post pics yet)

// At Least two Pictures of two bands that you like Behind LJ Cut

2 Punk Fans

*I am too weak to be your cure* [09 Jul 2004|08:36pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

hello fellow punkers! I made some alkaline trio and brand new icons, hope you dig...couldnt find many pics for some reason (stupid internet) if anyone has some pics of brand new I could use to make more icons it would be greatly apreciated!


in here!Collapse )

6 Punk Fans

[01 Jul 2004|07:48pm]



4 Punk Fans

// maintainer [01 Jul 2004|11:48am]


people of Punk Alliance ...


Thanx // Lindsay

X-posted [Bad username: xatticusgurlx> <lj comm=]
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[01 Jul 2004|01:54am]


your maintainer

xatticusgurlx Lindsay
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[25 Jun 2004|12:33am]


hotasfcuk yes go here!!

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[20 Jun 2004|08:55pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello there!

Does anyone have Bert McCrakens icons or The Used, or Quinn or whatever that I can use??

I'll pay you with... whatever you want!! Hah! That inclueds free sex! lol


- Josie

2 Punk Fans

Just wondering.. [20 Jun 2004|03:04pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Is anyone interested in street fashion besides me? Or, has anyone heard of fruits?
I'm just really curious..

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