i am a RoCkStAr. (cannot_replace) wrote in punk_alliance,
i am a RoCkStAr.

i hate to break it to you guys, but the music listed isn't punk.

punk is the unseen the casulaties, lower class brats, clit45.

NOT good charlotte.

the starting line, and still life projector are EMO.
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Thats what I stated in my post, dude. They still don't get it though...

People are so fucking stupid these days. Nice to know there is another smart person around here!!!
punks not dead oi oi!
haha the old days..ohh boy
I thought EMO stood for 'Emotional Punk' ? ? Am I being daft or is EMO actually a form of punk?

you are being a idiot.>

emo is DIFFERENT than punk. it sounds totally different, and the lyrics are different.

ill bet 10$ you've never heard a true punk band in your life. you just don't know what punk really is, because you are stuck in the world of blink182, simple plan, and think anything that sounds similar must punk...because it's different!

First of all dont call me an idiot. I was misinformed. secondly, you do understand that things like EMO are genres that were influenced by punk music? all of these new labelled 'Punk' related genres and bands are all bands ROOTED from original punk music.
if it werent, it wouldnt be called Punk.
so face it, punk music, over time, changed and evolved.
and I have heard REAL punk, and I think thats awesome too.